What People are Saying

Nothing shows how Safelink makes internet easy like the words of our own customers.

Read Testimonials from Safelink’s Customers

Sheri Hunsaker: Kuna, ID.
I would recommend Safelink the internet is fast reliable and the great staff in all department.

Lyndsie Ann Povlsen: Burley, ID.
After reading all these reviews, I was skeptical about getting Safelink internet. That was until
our neighbor told us about the great service they got from the technical support, and how
much they improved the last months. Although it was a rough start, I can tell they have
improved immensely! Keep it up!

Jinny Miller: Chester, ID.
These guys are amazing. Berry and Collin have worked endless hours figured out my problems.
Then a follow up text or phone call to make sure everything is golden!!! Highly recommend

Jessica Doberneck: Rexburg, ID.
This company really cares about their customers and takes care of them on an individual basis.
Plus 24 hr. local tech support has been a real bonus.

Blue Jay:
I would recommend Safelink. They have great tech support and wonderful office staff. I have
had them for years and always taken care of when I called. Good internet fast.

Aaron Joelson: Greenleaf, ID.
The initial installation was done well and the techs who came to install my equipment were
very helpful and friendly. Initially… I did have some problems receiving my correct speeds BUT…
I worked with the local supervisors and local manager to fix the problem. All of the supervisors I
spoke with were extremely helpful and I could tell were committed to providing me with
excellent service (Zach, Nacho, Jody, and Cassidy). I can say the same for the local Operations
Director Jason. Jason has been very pleasant to work with and is very responsive. The local tech
reps(lower level) you speak with when you first get on the phone however are generally NOT
very pleasant or helpful. Overall, we have had a couple hick-ups but everything is fixed, up and
running, and the supervisors I worked with have been great. I will post a follow up if anything
changes…. Until then I would recommend Safelink as an internet source for the Treasure Valley.

Christina Domi: Meridian, ID.
They went out of their way to help me get my internet up and running. Everything is working

Mary Pera: Meridian, ID.
Very good service and customer support has been very helpful. A few snafus in the beginning
have to power up and power down the equipment, but other than that very reliable service. I
live in Meridian, but on the outskirts of town, so I do not have Cable One, Century Link options
available to me. I tried Hughes Net and it about sent me to the Looney Bin! Thank you Safelink
for helping me with my internet needs.

Christopher Snyder: Emmett, ID.
Love the service They treat me great and when there is a problem I have even had there
network admin on the phone at 3 am and he gets it fixed within 20min unless there is a
hardware failure which who can predict that I had lighting take out both pole fuses on the
power poles on my property around 4:30am it also fried my router they had a tech at my
house by noon and even installed a new radio because they wanted to be sure it wasn’t going
to be an issue after a lighting strike.

Heather Page: Adrian, OR.
Excellent customer service. Have put in a ticket 3 times and had an immediate response and
almost immediate fix to the problem. Fantastic prices, excellent services, excellent customer
service, and super friendly helpful employees.
Ross Wilson: West Yellowstone, MT.
Good service in an otherwise difficult location. The customer support here is excellent. I made a trouble
call and after a few days they even called back to make sure the service was working as expected. The
price is high, but that is because I have a hard to service location, being 7 miles out of West Yellowstone.
Better internet service and price than satellite or cell.

Heidi L.: Burley, ID.
I work from home so I need fast and reliable internet. I have been pleased with the service I
have received. We have had a tech to our house a couple of times over the years to replace
equipment and I have always felt they were courteous and easy to work with. I would
recommend their service.

James Londrico: Kuna, ID.
I highly recommend this service to everyone I know! My installer knows what he is doing.

Jayne Kanter: Burley, ID.
Thank you Ryan and Nellie for going above and beyond to help me out. It really meant a lot to
me that you both took time out of your busy schedules to help.

RaeDean Douglas: Paul, ID.
Had a tech guy come out on my internet, was having problems with my connection bouncing
off and on. Tom Moss the tech guy went the full mile for us. Was very personable and explained
what he was going to do, found a tower that was closer to my location than where my old
satellite was aimed at. He just wanted things to be right. Doesn’t seem like it is just a job to him.
He cares about his work. He is a keeper for your company. Just wanted to give him a pat on the

Jayne Towsley Kanter: Burley, ID.
Thank you Ryan and Nellie for going above and beyond to help me out. It really meant a lot to
me that you both took time out of your busy schedules to help.

Will Rigby: Rigby, ID.
Thanks to Barry Hall and the Safelink Internet crew for fixing my issues fast we are up and going
now and we couldn’t be happier… I recommend Safelink to everyone!!!!!

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