Guardian Content Filtering

Safelink Internet Guardian Content Filter The Internet is a great tool for you and your family to use. Managing your families internet usage? That’s another story. Safelink’s Guardian Content Filtering can help you regulate all of your connected gadgets individually or in groups. From cell phones to gaming consoles, we’ve got you covered. The best part is, there’s no additional software to install, and our cloud-based management system will always keep your system updated. With the Guardian, you can keep your kids and employees from viewing inappropriate websites and distracting social media sites. You can keep your children safe from potential predators and protect your systems from viruses and other malware.

Take Control of Your Internet

Regain control of internet schedules for your company and your family. Control what your employees are able to view during work hours and make your family dinners distraction free. Whether for family time or work productivity, use scheduling to make sure everyone is focused on the right things at the right times without the distractions of the outside world. Don’t want the kids on the internet after 10 PM? Easy, create a group for kids devises and set the rule that their access turns off from 10 PM to 7 AM. How easy is that? No more fighting or checking in. It just happens. Schedule Safelink Internet Guardian Content Filter


Shield your family and employees from adult content and deter them from tempting social media sites. It’s easy to control access to, or block, individual websites, or entire categories of sites using Guardian. You can also add specific sites to be included or excluded from the list, depending on your specific needs. Plus, whenever your family member or employee looks at something online they shouldn’t, you’ll get a message on your phone telling you instantly. Safelink Internet Guardian Content Filter

Keep Track of Browsing History

Get full visibility into your family or employees’ internet usage. Guardian allows you to find out what each user has been viewing in real-time, even if they delete browsing history or use incognito mode. The power is at your fingertips. History of Safelink Internet Guardian Content Filter For more information about Safelink Guardian, or to get set up, call us at 208-677-8000 or Start a Quote Now