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Commercial Fiber Internet Service

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Over the past couple decades, there have been several must-have office tools; from copiers and faxes to complicated networks, the modern office isn’t evolving as much as it is morphing right before our eyes. Computers have replaced paper, cloud storage has replaced filing cabinets and the internet has replaced networks in many offices.

Internet service isn’t an option in any office these days. It is as important to your business as electricity and your telephone. The only question left to ask is:

How much internet do you need?

  • Robust Carrier-Grade Internet
  • High Priority Handling: Dedicated Technicians are assigned to monitor your account to ensure your internet is always performing properly.
  • Highly Customized Business Solutions: this isn’t a one-size-fits-all world! If you can dream it, we can do it!
  • VoIP phone service available
  • Reliable Connections: Our fiber network is equipped with a backup power source. This means our service can stay up and running, even when cable and phone cannot.
  • Safelink Internet’s network is a ”Smart Network.” It has numerous redundant connections to its fiber backbone. Safelink Internet’s service can “self-heal” by automatically routing its service through multiple routes, making it clear, consistent choice for business customers.

Dedicated packages up to 10 Gig. With Safelink, the power is in your hands with the ability to customize a fiber internet package.

If you can think it, we can do it.

10Mb | 10Mb
1 HD
video at a time
25Mb | 25Mb
2 HD
videos at a time
50Mb | 50Mb
4 HD
videos at a time
100Mb | 100Mb
3 HD
videos at a time
200Mb | 200Mb
4 HD
videos at a time

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Not sure what all that Mbps stuff is all about? That’s okay. Not sure what you really need and want to know how to get the right speeds without overpaying? Our experts can help. 

Every account requires

  • New Account Configuration and Setup: $10.00
    Each account is set up with advanced performance monitoring to verify your speed and performance.
  • Equipment Rental $9.95/mo
  • 24 Month Agreement: Free Installation
  • 12 Month Agreement: $99.95 Installation Fee/One-Time Payment
  • No Term Agreement: $199.95 Installation Fee/One-Time Payment

Our equipment is guaranteed for life and includes free upgrades to the latest and most advanced equipment, software, and firmware to ensure you always have the best possible Internet connection.

Commercial fiber internet service is currently available for many businesses in West Yellowstone, MT and Idaho Falls, ID.